Albert park Bowls club's Glen Colley.
Albert park Bowls club's Glen Colley. Renee Albrecht

The results are in: latest from our region's sport

Gympie Bridge

Monday, February 5 was L. Wilson-K. Lingard 1, A. Harington-R. Greentree 2, R. Organ-S. Gauld and D. Hollingworth-K. Kerr equal 3.

Tuesday, February 6 NS: B. Thorne-A. Cook 1; C. Lucas-S. Schierning 2 and T. Simpson-J. Hollingworth 3.

EW: S. Bishop-J. Anderson 1; I. Manly-B. Gough 2 and L. Wilson-T. Brink 3.

Thursday morning, February 8 was S. Bishop-A. Harington 1; J. Anderson-B. Anderson 2 and J. Graham-K. Johnson 3.

Thursday night, February 8 was J. Lennox-J. Hollingworth 1; A. Harington-D. Hollingworth 2 and J. Davidson-R. Greentree 3.


Suburbs Indoor Bowls

We had 15 players at bowls on Monday afternoon.

The lowest score took home the goodies so winners were Barb 29 and John 32.

Highest scores Hester 43, Jack 47 and Charlie 41.

Association social last Saturday was a good day.

Wally Phyllis Gloria Gail Audrey Mel Betty L all had a win with Jack and Vonnie winning the raffle.

Albert Ladies

Call out for Thursday, February 15.

Championship fours will be M. Dodt v C. Dobson.

Social bowls will be played and names for championship pairs on the list on the ladies' board.

Winning skips on Thursday, February 8 were G. Richards, C. Dobson and M. Dodt.



There was another great turn out last Monday. We were all looking forward to our tasty mince rolls and we weren't disappointed! This Monday we will be running from 20 Rocklea Drive, Southside at 6pm. New walkers and runners always welcome.