Gympie Central Shopping Centre.
Gympie Central Shopping Centre. Photographer: David Millar

Retail links Gympie's past and future

"WHETHER it's Mary St or Gympie Central, retail is becoming a place to be, not just a place to shop.”

Shopping centres may be relatively new in Gympie's 150 year history, but Lucy English believes they are forming an integral part of the region's next 150.

And as the marketing manager of Vicinity's Gympie Hub, co-ordinating the Goldfields Plaza and Gympie Central Shopping Centre, Mrs English is dedicated to making the region's retail precincts central to the community.

"Making shopping centres destinations, not just where you pick up your groceries.

"We really like to connect with the community and that's somewhere that we're headed as an organisation.”

Whether its developing and nurturing a connection between technology-savvy youth and retailers, or growing the connections between women, youth and retailers in the region, Mrs English said the next century of Gympie retail would be about the community connection.

Their award-nominated sensory Santa shopping experience at Goldfields last year was one example of how Vicinity envisioned the future. Of course, their commitment to the region extended well beyond the walls of shopping centres.

"We did a lot to help out the community when it was flooding,” Mrs English said.

"We're placing ourselves as an integral part of Gympie and the future, and also mixing in Gympie's heritage.

"The longer that we've been part of the centres the longer we've been part of the history.

"The camaraderie and pride we have in our region is just fantastic.

"I love seeing what our region does, it's such a buzz. I'm so proud to be part of our region.”

"I can't wait to see what's happening in the future of Gympie.”