Three popular Gympie GPs are leading the poll to win the title of Gympie's Favourite Doctor.
Three popular Gympie GPs are leading the poll to win the title of Gympie's Favourite Doctor.

REVEALED: 3 amazing doctors lead the poll for Gympie's best


LEADING the polls for Gympie's favourite local GP is Dr Jane Woodward from the Gympie Clinic, with 13 per cent of the vote.

The online poll, which opened on Friday, was narrowed down to 21 finalists and three of those finalists have stood out in the voting.

Dr Woodward has been a general practitioner in Gympie for 27 years.

Yes, a fitting memorial for Ron Dyne-Dr Jane Woodward. Street survey. March 03, 2015.
Photo Patrick Woods / Gympie Times
CLOSE CONTEST: Dr Jane Woodward was leading the online poll for Gympie's Top GP just after midday yesterday with 13 per cent of the vote. Patrick Woods

Her experience has led her to treat generations of Gympie residents, an aspect of the job she loves.

At the start of her career, a lot of her work was focused on women's health but as the years have progressed, so has her patient base.

"I get to treat people of all ages and follow through with people through their generations.

"I love being a GP and I see a variety of conditions, and also visit nursing homes and home visits - the full breadth of being a general practitioner,” she said.

Being voted Gympie region's favourite GP is something Dr Woodward was not expecting and she said she was pleased to be considered of the same calibre as other front-runners.

"I feel very flattered and humbled. It's amazing. I feel very privileged to be in the top three,” she said.

Dr Woodward has been described as "caring, supportive” by her patients.

"Her friendliness and willingness to get answers is so appreciated. Thank you Dr Jane,” Norina Sorensen said.

"When needed she went with speed for diagnosis and was wonderful,” said Jeanette Wilson.

Running a very close second is former colleague Dr Malika Loeckx now practising from Henry Street Medical.

Dr Loeckx has won 12 per cent of the votes, and described being recognised this was as gratifying.

"It's a huge honour,” she said.

Dr Loeckx became a doctor in 2003 and arrived in Gympie in 2006.

"I've spent the better part of my career here,” she said.

Dr Loeckx said she loves living in Gympie and being a part of the community.

Practising at two different clinics and having her children attend school here is a big part of why she thinks she was nominated.

"I absolutely love it, and I get to be a part of people's lives for a little while. It's an absolute privilege,” she said.

She also said the medical community in Gympie was a close one, with all of the doctors in town supporting one another.

Dr Malika Loeckx, Henry Street Medical.
Dr Malika Loeckx. Contributed

"They are all good doctors here. It's a close, professional community. We are all colleagues and there's not really any competition between us. If I have a question, there is always some one there to help me find the answer,” she said.

Dr Loeckx' supporters have praised her as being "an angel” who provides the best service to her patients.

"She is amazing with my girls and I. Feels more like meeting up with a friend than a doctor visit,” said Rochelle Vandermaal.

"She is truly an angel,” said Rolanda Hilda

"A truly (good) doctor who listens to you - I will not go anywhere else,” said Frances Hedges.

Dr Marian Campbell.
Dr Marian Campbell.

Just one per cent behind her is another former colleague from The Gympie Clinic, Dr Marian Campbell in third position.

Her supporters mapped out why they voted for her.

"She's been my doctor since I can remember and has gone on to be my children's doctor. Unbiased, non-judgemental of all the different choices for your family. What every doctor should possess,” said Tara Rosenow.

"Most incredible doctor I have ever had,” said Holly Peters.

"Dr Marian Campbell at The Gympie Clinic is absolutely brilliant in every way possible,” Zoe Jack said.

"Always finds a way to squeeze me in if necessary and always goes above and beyond to help us,” said Gabrielle Pamenter

"She is hands down the best - my girls only want to see her,” said Sarah N Richardson.

Tiana Tisdell kept her comments brief.

"Best. Doctor. Ever.”

The polls closed last night midnight. Final result tomorrow.