MARVEL-OUS: Aisha Belling is the owner of Play Back a new arcade and pop culture store right in the heart of Mary St.
MARVEL-OUS: Aisha Belling is the owner of Play Back a new arcade and pop culture store right in the heart of Mary St. Donna Jones

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HER family's new business venture is a dream come true for Aisha Belling.

"I've always loved the arcades. I loved them as a kid - any of that retro stuff,” Mrs Belling said.

Play Back is the family's very own arcade and pop-culture store and it's set in the heart of Mary St at 154 - the former home of Katies and before that Autograph and 16/26.

The family, made up of Aisha and husband Trev and teens Emmawyn and Tyrone, would often pop into arcades in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast as a fun, group activity.

Now, during the school holidays, the family is working together to meet the demand since their opening day last Monday.

The store took just three weeks to transform from the pop-up dress shop that monther-in-law Sandie Williams was running into a time-portal directly back to the days of pin-ball and Pac Man.

A massive Marvel themed mural, featuring Mrs Belling's favourite Avenger, Captain America, and Iron Man adorns one wall and was commissioned from an artist on the Sunshine Coast, especially for the family business.

"I love everything to do with Marvel. Captain America is my idol and I love Peggy Carter - she's a strong, positive female role model,” Mrs Belling said.

The response from customers so far has been really positive.

"The public response has been great. People are asking us how long are we here for. We've bought the building so hopefully we are here to stay,” she said.

"It's a huge risk but we thought we'd have a crack. We think Gympie is ready for something like this.”

In addition to pinball and video game machines there are also about half a dozen machines (whether that's shooting hoops, feeding balls to a hungry hippo or whacking crocs) that give tickets which winners can exchange for prizes.

But more than that, it's a chance to bridge the generation gap, with the young and young-at-heart enjoying the fun.

"It's been great, we've got dad's playing Pac Man with their sons - grandparents in here with their grandkids. It's great to see,” Mrs Belling said.

The front half of the shop is dedicated to pop-culture with Marvel, Harry Potter and Star Wars all well represented in clothing and merchandise and a wide variety of board games.

"We stock unique stuff that you might not find anywhere else - anything play related, and we've got it,” Mrs Belling said.