Monkland is the Gympie region's fastest selling suburb.
Monkland is the Gympie region's fastest selling suburb. Troy Jegers

REVEALED: Gympie region's fastest selling suburbs

MONKLAND'S "affordability and location” has made it the Gympie region's fastest selling suburb, according to a local industry expert.

Recently sourced CoreLogic data showed houses in the small southside town spent just 16.5 days on the market before being sold, based on sales data over 12 months to October 2018.

Monkland has ranked as Gympie's fastest selling suburb.
Monkland has ranked as Gympie's fastest selling suburb. CoreLogic


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Monkland also came in as the most affordable of all towns in the data pool with a median value of just $250,947 through December last year.

Gympie Century 21 principal Billy Mitchell said he had noticed consistent contributing factors to Monkland's sales performance.

"Houses in and around Monkland are generally a little bit older and a lot of them are entry level homes, though there is some newer stuff there now too,” Mr Mitchell said.

"Monkland is also well-positioned on the southern end of Gympie and provides great accessibility to the highway, so it suits people looking to make the commute down to the Sunshine Coast.”

Mr Mitchell said the growing number of people choosing to live in the Gympie region and journey to the Coast, Noosa or Brisbane had contributed to southside towns experiencing short stays on the market.

New data collated by Economy ID revealed more than 20 per cent of the region's employed did not work here in 2016, up from 13 per cent in 2011.

Fastest Selling Suburbs - Gympie Region

1. Monkland - 16.5 median days on market

2. Tamaree - 25 median days on market

3. Pie Creek - 35 median days on market

4. Gympie - 45 median days on market

5. Curra - 53 median days on market

6. The Palms - 56 median days on market

7. Rainbow Beach (units) - 58 median days on market

8. Southside - 60 median days on market

9. Rainbow Beach - 78.5 median days on market

10. Cooloola Cove - 90 median days on market

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