Bryce and Kieren Googe
Bryce and Kieren Googe Renee Albrecht

REVEALED: Gympie's most eligible bachelors, with bonus twins

Kieren and Bryce Googe


Bachelors Bryce and Kieren Googe from Gympie.
DOUBLE TROUBLE: Gympie bachelors Bryce and Kieren Googe are ready to mingle. Renee Albrecht

Age: 19

Occupation: Electrical apprentices

THEY don't exactly come as a two-for-one deal, but good luck to any ladies telling these identical twin bachelors apart.

Kieren and Bryce Googe, who turn 19 today, confess they are indisputably similar.

On paper: They both secured an electrical apprenticeship at the same place on the same day and are studying the same certificate in personal training.

They live together, ride motorbikes together and swim at the beach together.

Bachelor Twins: Bachelors Bryce and Kieren Googe from Gympie.
Bachelor Twins: Bachelors Bryce and Kieren Googe from Gympie.

In person: They're like a well-oiled radio duo - bouncing off each other with an endless assault of cheeky banter.

Bryce adds a dash of sarcasm, while Kieren makes up for it with noise level.

"We're basically the same - but I've got 2cm on him in height," Kieren boasts.

But Bryce has the perfect tip if you're trying to tell them apart.

"Kieren's pretty much me with a couple of less features - I'm top of the range."

They both love to keep fit and "balance it out with a burger on the weekend".

But when it comes to finding love a healthy bit of rivalry helps, they agree.


Bachelors Bryce Googe from Gympie.
Kieren Googe Renee Albrecht

"I remember once I was talking to a girl at the gym and the next day Kieren said, hey mate - look who I'm texting," Bryce said. "That was one of the less favourable moments in our relationship."

Wannabe suitors should not be fooled by their tough act of riding motorbikes or cheeky ways though, the baby-faced twins are really the pin up boys for brotherly love.


Bachelors Bryce Googe from Gympie.
Bryce Googe Renee Albrecht

Just ask their father Eric Googe.

"They're pretty well genuine, even though they say they pull each other apart over the dinner table, they still stand by each other and they stand by all their friends," Mr Googe said.

"They're just genuine guys, good workers, good movers.

"Good luck to them ...and the girls."

What are you looking for in a partner?

Kieran: "Someone who's chill, casual, loves the beach and fitness (and I'm guessing I've just answered Bryce's too)."

Bryce: "Pretty well what Kieran said - that's what we're going for. A chick that likes to jump on the back of the bike as well."

Country music lovers need not apply.

Mitch Kuether


Mitch Kuether
Mitch Kuether Contributed

Age: 27

Occupation: Labourer

THIS home-grown Gympie bloke admits he loves being the centre of attention, but is willing to share it with the right girl.

He works in the mines, but says he has plenty of time at home to connect with someone.

The right person will fall for his quick wit and share his love for the outdoors, gardening and travel.

"I like the beach - even in winter. I'm a morale booster out in the water," he jokes.

Last year he travelled to Canada for a working trip of a lifetime where he was not only wowed by the spectacular scenery, but learnt the value of a dollar.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"If they laugh with me or at me that's a winner. As long as I can see that smile at the end of the day."

Tasman McClintock


Tasman McClintock
Tasman McClintock Gympie Regional Council

Age: 27

Occupation: Carpenter

IF YOU'RE ever in trouble in the water, this date is bound to have your back.

A lover of all things outdoor, Tasman is a seasoned lifesaver and club captain at the Rainbow Beach Surf Life Club.

You will find Tasman there most weekends, either on duty or enjoying the coastal town and the clean waters that deliver some unbeatable surf.

"You get to spread your wings at the beach," the Gympie carpenter said.

"There's no better excuse to be there."

Helping others, giving back to the community and working with the region's youth are also drivers in his love of the volunteer role.

But he doesn't take himself too seriously, the easy-going fella who grew up on a farm in the Mary Valley enjoys a good laugh.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Someone who is fun, outdoorsy and loves to have a laugh. They have to love the beach too."

John Southern


John Southernfrom Jet Gympie's Bachelor.
John Southern Renee Albrecht

Age: 30

Occupation: Personal trainer and boot camp manager

FROM the land of leprechauns and potatoes, John landed in south-east Queensland four-and-a-half years ago.

Now a permanent fixture at local gym Jetts, the Irish national has made himself at home in Gympie with the sunny skies and laid back lifestyle.

The fitness fanatic spends hours helping others transform their fitness.

"I just spend most of my time in the gym; everyone that comes is a really nice person," he said.

"It's the place to be - it's a really good vibe."

His own fitness is taken care of with getting serious at Crossfit and donning the footy boots for the Noosa Dolphins rugby union team.

John loves the beach and will get to the Sunshine or Gold Coast whenever he can.

Travel is always on the cards:

"I'm planning on doing a lot more travelling, I haven't been to Asia yet and I still have family in Ireland."

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Positivity, enthusiasm, and it's always a positive if they're good looking."

Dan Burnett


Gympie Bachelor Dan Bernett from Kandanga.
Dan Burnett Renee Albrecht

Age: 24

Occupation: Mining foundation specialist, excavator operator and farmer

IF YOU can keep up with this busy young Kandanga man who lives by the motto: "nothing beats hard work" then he's the man for you.

Dan splits his time between the mines around the country where he specialises in installing gas pipes and the family cattle farm at Kandanga, with a bit of light local excavation work thrown in as well.

Flying and driving in and out keeps life interesting for the hard-working country boy, who loves the travel and variety of his mining occupation.

But you can't keep the easy-going bloke away for too long, as he loves retuning home to all things farming.

"I've been in the same place my whole life," he said.

"I just love it - I love growing grass and I love riding my horse."

You'll also find Dan hunting, fishing or tearing up the sideline with a Mary Valley stags jersey on his back during footy season.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Someone who is smart, good-looking and hard-working.

"They need to be easy-going and love the outdoors."

Dean Blanckensee


Dean Blanckansee  Gympie Bachelor.
Dean Blanckansee Renee Albrecht

Age: 20

Occupation: Crop and cattle farmer

IF YOU frequent the Noosa markets you might have seen this friendly face selling small crops, but he admits he's probably more famous for his end-of- season footy antics - when he graced the cover of The Gympie Times for doing a nudie run through Imbil.

It was a Mary Valley Stags Rugby League team "punishment", but Dean was caught in the act and fined.

Laughing it off, it fits Dean's description of himself that he's always 'up for a good time'.

"There's never a dull moment when I'm around," he said.

While working the farm leaves little room for play, he loves escaping in his 4WD and camping whenever he can.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Personality is the key. I'd also like someone who is hard working."

Phil Coquerand


Philippe Coquerand journo at ther Gympie Times.
Philippe Coquerand Renee Albrecht

Age: 24

Occupation: Journalist

NEW to Gympie, this fine young journalist just spent two years reporting in the country town of Mundubbera.

Now settled in the big smoke with his kelpie Tuck, he's excited to get out of his shell and meet the locals.

He loves action, thrillers, comedy and romantic movies and right now is invested in The Bachelor, First Responders 9-1-1 and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

"It'd be nice to find my soulmate. If you don't put yourself out there, you never know what could happen," he said.

"I'm single and ready to meet my future match. Even if it doesn't work out, it's worth having a go."

A love of hiking, surfing, playing sports and travelling draws him to the great outdoors. He also loves to cook the occasional meal.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Someone who is adventurous, funny, spontaneous and kind-hearted and loves having a laugh," he said.

"Dad jokes and terrible puns are my forte."

Donny White


Donny White
Donny White

Age: 22

Occupation: Labourer

IT wouldn't be a party without Donny around.

A self-confessed break-dancer and up-and-coming DJ, Donny loves mixing his favourite styles of hip-hop, R&B and country.

He also regularly shows off his groovin' skills at the Gympie Music Muster. "I'm pretty much the party animal of my friends."

But Donny works as hard as he plays, packing in 13-hour days as a loader operator at his parents' construction company.

He also loves pig hunting in his spare time, with his dog Fricco by his side.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"An outgoing girl that's not shy or afraid to give anything a try."

Chris Walters


Gympie Bachelor Chris Walters.
Chris Walters. Renee Albrecht

Age: 30

Occupation: Meat processor

THIS adventure-loving bloke escapes the hustle and bustle of people and life whenever he can, but wouldn't mind having one special companion along for the ride.

Four-wheel driving and camping is where he finds solace and instills a love of the great outdoors in his young son and daughter.

Caring, laid back and loves a good laugh, Chris said his kids would describe him as "awesome".

With 11 tattoos and more in sight, Chris said he would suit someone that has the same love for getting inked.

"I like how they tell a story; they're like art work and I'm the canvas."

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Someone that's willing to take on kids and have a family life. They also have to be adventurous and like tattoos."

Jack Cross


Jack Cross
Jack Cross Renee Albrecht

Age: 20

Occupation: Electrical apprentice

HIGH on the back of a big Gympie win with his AFL team the Cats trouncing Hervey Bay in the Wide Bay grand final last weekend, talented young sportsman Jack Cross would love someone to celebrate with.

The Cats' mid-fielder was an integral part of the team's success this season, and loves a good competitive game of touch footy as well.

An easy-going lad, he loves the laid back country lifestyle of the Gympie region, and a good joke or two.

Between working hard at his electrical apprenticeship, fishing, playing footy or catching up with his mates or some of his large, extended family, Jack "Jacko" Cross reckons life is pretty good right now.

There's just one thing missing.

What are you looking for in a partner?

"Someone who shares the same interests."

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