More than 10 per cent of Gympie respondents to a statewide survey say they have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.
More than 10 per cent of Gympie respondents to a statewide survey say they have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic.

REVEALED: Survey says COVID job losses have hit Gympie hard

MORE than 10 per cent of Gympie residents responding to a Courier-Mail survey on the many impacts of the coronavirus say they have lost their job due to the pandemic.

Gympie residents were part of the more than 8000 respondents who weighed in on how COVID-19 has affected them as part of the statewide Your Say 2020 sentiment survey.


Gympie’s 11.1 per cent figure was over the state average of 7.9 per cent and trailed only Far North Queensland (13.54 per cent) for the highest percentage among the regions.

The Gold Coast came in third at 10.89 per cent, while the Sunshine Coast was much lower at 8.42 per cent.

The results weren’t all grim, however, with 74.1 per cent of Gympie respondents saying the pandemic hadn’t changed anything about their working environment.

This was right on the money with the state average of 74.2 per cent.

And it seems less Gympie people have had to accept reduced hours at work, with just 9.9 per cent saying this was the case compared to 14.9 per cent across Queensland.

4.9 per cent of Gympie respondents have changed jobs since the pandemic hit, slightly higher than the 3 per cent of Queensland as a whole.

There were encouraging results in the greater context of whether Gympie residents have struggled to pay mortgage/rent and bills in the last 12 months, despite 17.3 per cent of respondents saying this was the case.

That figure compared favourably to the Queensland average of 20.6 per cent, and also compared well to the Sunshine Coast (18.65 per cent) and Southeast Queensland (22.12 per cent).

About the survey

Your Say 2020 was a self-selection sentiment survey conducted across News Queensland’s metropolitan and regional websites from September 1-10.

It was open to all readers, subscribers and non-subscribers, to have their say on the current state of Queensland and the state’s priorities as we rebuild from the COVID-19 health and economic crisis.

The survey included 49 questions ranging from cost of living and COVID, to the performance of elected leaders and lifestyle.

More than 8000 people responded to the statewide survey.

While the survey results should not be seen as a predictor for the upcoming state election, the sample size of electoral regions, age brackets and political persuasions do nevertheless provide an opportunity to highlight differences in opinions between groups, the common issues that Queenslanders are facing today and what their key concerns for the future are.