CHEMICAL SCARE: Gympie Fire and Rescue attended the Gympie Hospital this afternoon after a reported chemical scare.
CHEMICAL SCARE: Gympie Fire and Rescue attended the Gympie Hospital this afternoon after a reported chemical scare. Philippe Coquerand

REVEALED: What was inside Gympie's mystery package


FOUR people presented themselves to the Gympie Hospital today after reportedly opening a package which was thought to contain a substance.

One woman was hospitalised and decontaminated, but no substance was found.

Gympie Police conducted an investigation and concluded the unknown substance was in fact "an absorbent”.

"It was crystals found in packaging that keep the item from getting moisture in it,” Sergeant Scott Poole said.

"It looks as though the woman opened the package, the substance has spilt, and she has gone to rub her eyes and that's how the mild symptom has occurred.”

The woman was discharged from hospital.


SEVERAL patients are being treated at the Gympie Hospital after coming into contact with an unknown package.

The incident occurred just after 1pm, with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services officers setting up a "hot zone” at the hospital as they seek further information.

It is believed up to four people have presented with minor symptoms.

"It is believed several people came in contact with the package upon opening and have suffered mild symptoms,” Gympie Fire Station officer Anthony Brewin said.

"We have three appliances which will be involved. One of which is our scientific unit in Brisbane.

"They will do further investigations on chemicals and unknown substances.”

The Queensland Police Service is also assisting QFES crews.

"We have set up a hot zone. The four people who came into contact with the substance are going through a decon process, we'll investigate and get a sample of the suspicious package,” Mr Brewin said.

Investigations are continuing.


A REPORTED chemical spill at Gympie Hospital has led Queensland Fire and Emergency officers on the scene to set up a "hot zone” as they seek further information.

QFES crews were first called to the scene on Henry St just after 1pm.

A QFES spokeswoman said two additional crews were en route to join the first team at the scene.

She said the QFES scientific team had been contacted for advice and potential attendance depending on the specifics of the incident.

It is unknown what chemical was spilled.

More information as it comes to hand.