Cyclists will gather this weekend for a ride to remember and continue Cameron Frewer's legacy.
Cyclists will gather this weekend for a ride to remember and continue Cameron Frewer's legacy. Facebook

Ride safe, drive safe to continue Cam's legacy

CYCLISTS wanting to share the road and continue Cameron Frewer's legacy will meet for a "Ride for Cam" this weekend.

Organiser Warren Shulz said Mr Frewer's death hit home for many cyclists who had heard of the work he was doing to promote road safety awareness.

"The plan is to raise awareness for safety," Mr Shulz said.

"It's something as cyclists we're aware of all the time, and it's something that Cam was obviously doing in his own way."

The group will meet at Mykies by the Bay at Kawana, where Mr Frewer was the head chef, at 6am. After their ride to Peregian they will return to Mykies for a coffee at 9am.

"It was a route that he (Mr Frewer) used to often do," Mr Shulz said.

He said riders could go at their own pace or just meet at Mykies at the end.

While he wasn't a close friend of Mr Frewer, Mr Shulz was a regular customer at Mykies and said the restaurant was already different without him.

"He was a quiet sort of guy, but always friendly, always interested and always keen for a chat about cycling safety," he said.

"Ultimately he was just a good guy doing his thing, quiet and passionate."

An avid cyclist, Mr Shulz said road safety was everyone's responsibility and the feud between cyclists and drivers was unnecessary.

"I have a strong belief that it's a two-way street. It's up to drivers and it's up to cyclists," he said.

"We've flagged this and said 'ride safe, drive safe', because it is both.

"It's important for both parties to say 'I've got a responsibility here, I'm going to do the best I can, and if we both do that then it'll all work for everybody'."

Mr Shulz said the ride would be a peaceful gathering of people wanting to promote road safety.

"If we can get an awareness, which is ultimately what Cam was trying to do, was just get awareness," Mr Shulz said.

"Don't drive like an idiot, don't ride like an idiot and we can all get on.

"Let's work together and everybody can be safe."

Mr Frewer's wife, Catherine, will also attend the ride.

"This was our impression of what would be important to Cam," Mr Shulz said.

"We'd love people to come along and share in a passion for cycling and passion for safety."

The Ride for Cam is on Saturday, November 17. For more information contact Warren Shulz on 0404 000 180.