Harlequins bowler Craig Sorrell.
Harlequins bowler Craig Sorrell. Craig Warhurst

Right down to the wire

HARLEQUINS gained the edge they needed over Wests on Saturday in the Sunshine Mitre 10 League, largely thanks to Craig Sorrell and Peter Kross.

Harlequins resumed their first innings on Saturday at 5-77. Craig Sorrell rescued the side with 56 to steer his side to first innings points.

Sorrell smashed Wests' attack, and continued to smash the ball to gain a consecutive 11 fours until Wests' captain Brett Long's bowling got the better of him.

Nothing was contributed by Harlequins' batsmen Mark Smith and Luke Wheeler after Sorrell's exit at 9 for 156.

There was only 21 runs between them as Wests went back in to bat and Long said the game "went right down to the wire" before a result was achieved.

Wests earned 92 runs in their second innings but Long said while they "had a good crack", Wests' performance saw them bat cheaply which allowed Harlequins the chance to take the game outright.

Harlequins' Peter Kross contributed another 34 runs to the tally, giving the side a good leg up towards a winning 74 runs, although it was challenged by Long's bowling which saw him take four wickets from 42 runs.

While Wests lost it in the end, Long said the narrow competition made for a good game at One Mile Oval grounds, which accommodated the game while Albert Park was used for Gympie Gold's win over Caboolture.



Wests 1st innings 135

Wests 2nd innings

R Bartley b C Sorrell - 0

G Bembrick c behind b C Sorrell - 22

N McKean b M Smith - 9

J Mills b C Sorrell - 4

A Bambling lbw T Kross - 0

D McDonald b T Kross - 5

R Cartwright b T Kross - 0

G Wellor lbw P Kross - 24

T Colley b T Kross - 1

C Morrison b T Kross - 1

B Long not out - 0

Sundries: 7


FOW: 3, 18, 23, 30, 37, 37, 48, 53, 92.

Bowling: C Sorrell 3-37; M Smith 2-22; T Kross 4-27; P Kross 1-0.

Harlequins 2nd innings

S Ringuet c T Colley b C Morrison - 0

M Walsh c G Wellor b B Long - 12

S Zahner b B Long - 0

P Kross lbw B Long - 34

T Manthey b B Long - 7

B Sorrel not out - 8

C Sorrel b R Bartley - 0

T Kross not out - 4

Sundries: 4

TOTAL: six wickets for 74

FOW: 12, 12, 12, 46, 65, 70.

Bowling: B Long 4-42; C Morrison 1-24; R Bartley 1-4.

Harlequins won outright