Road rage video plays out in court

A CURRA woman whose road rage was caught by another driver on a mobile phone video faced Gympie Magistrates Court recently.

Nikki Anne McAdam, 31, pleaded guilty to driving without due care at Pomona on May 31 after an incident travelling south on the Bruce Hwy.

The court heard McAdam was driving a Commodore sedan in the right lane, when a Cayenne Porsche moved in front of her vehicle when the left lane ended.

McAdam was heard to honk the horn before speeding up behind the Porsche and tailgating it for a distance.

The footage caught McAdam, swerving, rudely gesturing and yelling aggressively at the occupants of the Porsche.

The scene came to a head at Federal when McAdam was seen to throw cigarettes from her car and a glass bottle that smashed on the road; flicking glass shards on the Porsche.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jamie Baker said this type of driving can cause death.

"It causes accidents. Her driving can only be described as abysmal," he said.

The driver's lawyer, Chris Anderson, argued there had been "a fair bit of tit for tat initially that was not captured on video", but that his client acknowledged that "she just lost it".

McAdam was disqualified from driving for six weeks and fined $600 for the offence.

Additionally, McAdam was fined $350 when she pleaded guilty to stealing a mobile phone and cash left in a handbag at Sunshine Plaza at Maroochydore on March 10.

The court recorded convictions for both charges.