Retiring Wide Bay federal MP Warren Truss
Retiring Wide Bay federal MP Warren Truss Chris Ison

Federal Budget set to go on roads, bridges and health

GYMPIE and nearby residents can look forward to some big road improvements after the Federal Budget.

But federal Wide Bay MP Warren Truss said the benefits of some big expenditure areas, like health, would depend on what the State Government does with the money coming from Canberra.

He predicted funding for local roads under the Roads to Recovery and Financial Assistance Grants schemes and referred to some important specific projects.

These would include replacing the Gutchy Bridge at Gundiah, the Goomong Rd and Kandanga Creek Rd Bridges in the Mary Valley and an upgrade to Bauple Drive, to Gympie's north.

Highway travel in that direction will be safer with reconstruction of the Tinana interchange on the Bruce Hwy.

Predictably enough, Section C of the Cooroy to Curra Bruce Hwy upgrade will proceed with substantial funds allocated in the Budget, ultimately extending the four-lane highway to Gympie.

Spending will also be provided for detailed design work on Section D, the last one, which will include the Gympie by-pass east of the city.

"The government has already announced a commitment to increase expenditure on health and I would expect the Queensland Government to match those increases."

But Mr Truss warned there would also be a legitimate expectation that the State Government would direct the money to service improvements on the ground in the electorate, including in the Gympie Hospital Health Service area.

It was up to the Queensland Government "to ensure that the money is spent on improved services in Wide Bay Hospitals - not more bureaucrats in Brisbane."

He described the Budget as "a national economic plan for the next four years" and said it had been prepared in an environment of austerity, including an intention to achieve a balanced budget and reduced debt.

Defence forces will receive a boost over the coming year, he said.