Williams and Gellar go crazy in new TV comedy

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in the TV series The Crazy Ones.
Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar star in the TV series The Crazy Ones. Monty Brinton - Contributed by Foxtel publicity

TELEVISION'S original vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar joins Robin Williams in the new comedy series The Crazy Ones.

The show is William's long-awaited return to TV more than three decades after his breakthrough role as an alien on '70s sitcom Mork & Mindy.

Williams and Gellar play dysfunctional father and daughter Simon and Sydney Roberts, who run a New York ad agency in danger of losing its biggest clients.

Taking a short break on set, Gellar answered The Guide's questions about her crazy on-screen dad, adlibbing on set and getting serenaded by Josh Groban.

Q: What an honour to star opposite Robin Williams in his highly anticipated return to TV. Had you met Robin before working with him on this show?

A: I had never met Robin although we had mutual friends in common. I had always been a huge fan, and now I'm an even bigger one.


Q: How do you keep up with him? From seeing his stand-up shows, his mind is always running a million miles an hour.

A: Luckily my mind runs about two million miles an hour!


Q: It's a scripted drama, but how much adlib does Robin do on set?

A: Robin does a lot of adlib, as does the rest of the cast.


Q: Tell me a bit about your character Sydney.

A: Sydney feels like she lives in the shadow of her brilliant father, and is constantly searching for her "crazy one".


Q: What's Sydney's relationship like with her father Simon?

A: They have an extremely complicated but loving relationship. Keeping work life and home life separate is difficult, but almost impossible when it's your father.


Q: The promos for the show suggest Sydney is the logical, rational person who holds the ad firm together. Is that how you see her?

A: It's how Sydney sees herself, but little does she know she's just as crazy as the rest of them.


Q: James Wolk appears to match Robin in the funny stakes in many of their scenes together. How did you find working with James?

A: Not only is James incredibly handsome and incredibly talented, he is also incredibly kind.


Q: Kelly Clarkson guest stars in the first episode. Can you tell me about any other guest stars?

A: We just finished shooting what might be my favourite episode so far with Josh Groban. Never in my life did I imagine I would get serenaded by Josh Groban.