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Robotic characters rush Central Shopping Centre





GYMPIE Central Shopping Centre was the focus of a pre-Rush event on Thursday evening, aimed at sparking enthusiasm for the upcoming Rush festival.

Tony Kishawi of Interact Youth Theatre and two other performers, Lesa Bell and John Haag, donned their Steam Punk Robot costumes to delight the shoppers who braved a sudden storm, before Stealing Lincoln took to the centre's stage to serenade those who had assembled.

The elaborate costumes were created by new local, Bentley O'Toole.

"It went really well," MrKishawi said.

The event was part-funded by a government grant.

There were fewer people than expected, but Mr Kishawi suspects that was due to the inclement weather.

"It was storming, so I'm not really that surprised," MrKishawi said.

Even though the crowd wasn't as large as expected, Tony was sure that all those that attended enjoyed the entertainment.

"Everyone loved the robots," he said.

Gympie Regional Council events co-ordinator Matt Allard said the night went well and was designed as a surprise treat for Thursday night shoppers.

"It was good. And the band was great. We wanted to surprise people with a secret performance. Like a flash mob," he said.