A meeting has been called to dismiss the remain members of the RSL Club board.
A meeting has been called to dismiss the remain members of the RSL Club board.

RSL Club board continues to fight for future

IN THE face of a looming motion to remove the RSL Club board members, one member is asking that the good work of the past five years not be forgotten.

The special meeting has been called for in the wake of a motion of no confidence in the board in June.

Doug Van Gelder is asking that all registered members of the club attend the September 30 meeting so the full details of the matter can be heard.

While he admits that the proposed move to the golf club - which has played a big part in the rift - was a stain on their record, MrVan Gelder said there had been other achievements which could not be ignored.

Doug Van Gelder RSL club board member.
TRACK RECORD: RSL Club board member Doug Van Gelder is asking the club's supporters to remember the successful growth it has had in the past five years. Renee Albrecht

He pointed to an 87 per cent rise in cash reserves (from $1.3million to $2.4million), a 71 per cent increase in net assets, and a doubling of memberships which is now 7600.

"In hindsight the 2017 Board of Directors should have consulted members about the move to the Gympie Golf Club complex,” MrVan Gelder said.

"I believe this is the one and only blemish on the board's outstanding record of achievement which has seen unprecedented growth.

"It would be unfortunate if capable and dedicated board members fell victim to a decision which was made in the very best interest of (the) club's long-term future.”

The petition to remove the remaining board members comes after the no confidence motion was supported 115-51 in June.

A technicality in the motion meant the board members were not forced to step down, and the petition makes clear it wants this to happen.