Yep, that’s Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds.
Yep, that’s Hollywood A-lister Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds’ bizarre appearance on singing show

THE promotional push for Deadpool 2 just got even weirder.

The film already comes soundtracked by a Celine Dion music video that sees the French chanteuse singing while Deadpool himself struts the stage in high heels.

In another effort to show he's not like other superheroes, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds made a truly bizarre surprise appearance on the South Korean singing competition show King Of Mask Singer over the weekend.

And - who knew? - dude can sing.

Appearing as a contestant on the Voice-esque show, which requires hopeful singers to disguise themselves in unusual costumes so that judges can focus solely on their vocal abilities, Reynolds sang a serviceable rendition of the ballad Tomorrow from the musical Annie. All the while, his very famous identity was disguised by a face-covering unicorn mask and matching sparkly cape.


In a second clip from the episode, Reynolds removed his mask to reveal his identity - and both judges and audience lost their MINDS:


"Nice to meet you. I'm so sorry about that song," Reynolds told the still-hysterical audience, admitting that he was nervous about singing. "Yes, absolutely - I'm wearing an adult diaper."

Reynolds said he kept his King Of Mask Singer cameo so top secret, he didn't even tell wife Blake Lively.

Whatever you think of his singing skills, at least Reynolds' appearance on the show has gifted the world this perfect reaction shot:

How do you say, ‘I am losing my goddamn mind,’ in Korean?
How do you say, ‘I am losing my goddamn mind,’ in Korean?