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Safe Schools misrepresented by innocent anti-bullying title

THIS is the pointy end of the year and in the next few weeks school will finish for the 2018 year.

Formals have been held, valedictories and awards nights have recognised our young achievers, and parents are preparing for the long summer holidays.

They are taking a break from the classroom which is a pivotal focus in any child's life. From Prep to Year 12 parents entrust educators with the power to instil lifelong lessons into impressionable and thirsty young minds. Children are naturally inquisitive and absorb everything - the good and the bad.

Parents know that children learn best when distractions are limited.

Member for Gympie Tony Perrett.
Member for Gympie Tony Perrett. Renee Albrecht

Too often new policies and school programs are airbrushed with innocent titles which have nothing to do with what is really going on. Safe Schools was misrepresented under the innocent title of anti- bullying when it is really about radical gender theory and undermining basic values.

Allowing unions into the classroom under cover of teaching students their workplace rights abuses the privilege to educate. It is even more offensive to parents and taxpayers that Ministerial staff are used to fine tune a union program script, presentation, and school information pack. This is the same office which was dragged to put swimming on the curriculum after months of community campaigning.

The summer holidays revolve around water and swimming - whether at the beach, in waterholes, creeks, rivers, dams, or the backyard pool. It defies logic that swimming had to push its way past activist programs to be put on the school curriculum.

When our children leave school we trust will be able to read and write, understand maths, make wise judgements, use critical thinking, common sense and practical decision making, and have a set of life skills. To do that their lives and the school curriculum needs to be decluttered of ideological agendas.