Robin Bristow hopes Noosa will embrace Satanic rituals.
Robin Bristow hopes Noosa will embrace Satanic rituals.

Satanists summon the Dark Lord to Noosa

This may not surprise local evangelists but Noosa is embracing the Devil this Halloween as one of its popular entertainment venues hosts a Satanic Black Mass.

According to Noosa Temple of Satan spokesman Robin Bristow, more than 20 people have already been booked in at The J, which is also the campus for charismatic Christian church Hillsong.

One of the highlights of the mass will be tracing the symbol of the Beast on the foreheads of those gathering from 6pm on October 30.

"It's a celebration of Satanism, the concept of a Black Mass is to encourage community and fellowship," Mr Bristow said.

"The main point of Satanism … Satanists do not believe in Satan nor do they believe in the occult and the supernatural, those things are left for Christians to do.

"There's an invitation to start the mass and a sermon and a Feast of Enlightenment where we take communion with an apple, it's symbolic of the gift of knowledge."

Noosa is hosting a Satanic Black Mass on Halloween.
Noosa is hosting a Satanic Black Mass on Halloween.

Mr Bristow said there was no official membership for The Temple of Satan but its Facebook page had more than 3000 likers and followers.

A check of the site showed more than 2590 followers and more than 1200 likes.

Mr Bristow's group held a Hastings St protest rally on Halloween last year, which he considered successful.

"We certainly brought the attention to what we were protesting about, which was the religious discrimination bill," Mr Bristow said.

Among the online comments critical of the Black Mass was one post from Lee Schiller saying that whether the event was tongue in cheek or not, to summons the Dark Lord to Noosa was a dangerous game to play by "a clueless bunch".

"God knows we don't need any darkness brought upon us," she said.

"Bring on the good times not the evil times I say."

The Temple of Satan site says Satan has great plans for Noosa.

"Knowledge is the greatest gift - set yourself free from spiritual enslavement," the page said.

"Our resplendent altar will symbolise our own personal life journey.

"You are invited to place sacred items on the altar for blessing."