VICTIM: The dog attacked in its own yard last week.
VICTIM: The dog attacked in its own yard last week. Contributed

Do you know the dogs that savaged this pet?

FINES up to $15,000 await the owners of two dogs accused of a vicious dog attack at Southside..

A Gympie Regional Council spokeswoman said the attack occurred about 5.30pm on December 1 near Groundwater Rd and Henry Parkes Dve.

She said the dogs jumped into a fenced property and severely injured a dog on the property.

The incident follows two successful council prosecutions of dog owners who failed to enclose their properties adequately, after their dogs entered other properties and killed poultry.

Council officers are investigating the incident which allegedly involved two bull mastiff type dogs, one black and one "goldy tan", both of them similarly strong and athletically built.

"The two dogs were accompanied by two young women, both wearing shorts and tops.

"One had blonde shoulder length hair and the other dark brown shoulder length hair. Both were slim in build," the spokeswoman said. "The council's aim is to keep residents and pets safe," she said.