Instagram influencer's hilarious pool fail
Instagram influencer's hilarious pool fail

‘Savage’ response to influencer’s pool fail

It was just supposed to be another day, another video, for Instagram influencer Zilla Stacey.

But instead the Melbourne woman's attempt at shooting a skincare video in a pool went hilariously wrong, with the moment going viral after it was reshared by an influencer-shaming account.

In the video, which was posted by @influencersinthewild - which shares posts of Instagram models going to extreme lengths for the perfect picture - Ms Stacey can be seen trying to set up her camera for a poolside IGTV.

But as she got in the pool alongside the floating tray of Tribe Skincare she was spruiking, diaster struck with her phone falling into the water.

@misszedd is an influencer and businesswoman from Melbourne.
@misszedd is an influencer and businesswoman from Melbourne.

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"Never have I ever dived into the water so fast, then realised it was waterproof," she said.

Ms Stacey, who goes by the Instagram handle @misszedd, told that she as she hadn't brought her tripod with her she had been forced to improvise.

The influencer had instead propped it up by the side of the pool on a coffee table with a cup when it slipped into the water - to her horror.

Ms Stacey shared the hilarious video with Tribe Skincare, who suggested she submit it to @influencersinthewild.



Already a fan of the page, Ms Stacey submitted her video - only to get a "savage" response from people, who weren't happy an influencer had submitted a video of herself.

"The reaction has been surprising, when I shared it on my page and Tribe on theirs the reaction was how I'd anticipated - just a laugh," she said.

"When it was uploaded on Influencers In The Wild however people got extremely savage about the fact that an influencer had submitted themselves, because no one had done it before.

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Ms Stacey had been setting up for her video …
Ms Stacey had been setting up for her video …

"The reaction turned from a funny moment to body shaming, disgusting comments from trolls on private profiles."

While it was "a pity" more people hadn't been able to see the funny side, Ms Stacey said she was grateful her followers - which she calls her "schnacks" - had defended her.

She had even gained "a few" followers, but it had sadly come with a lot of hateful comments.

"I don't mind because I have thick skin, I just don't want other younger influencers who can't handle online bullies being exactly that (bullied)," she said.

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The influencer had been attacked by trolls since sharing the video.
The influencer had been attacked by trolls since sharing the video.

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Tribe Skincare founder Kayla Houlihan told she had been blown away by how huge the video had become.

"We love working with Miss Zedd and she was set to create some gorgeous content for Tribe Skincare on her holiday in Bali," she said.

"When I first saw the video, all I could think about was whether her phone was OK after falling in the water. But once I knew it was fine, I found the video so funny and couldn't stop re-watching it.

"I love that Zilla saw the funny side of it and it's fun to see the behind-the-scenes of content creation. We've uploaded it and have had so many people write to us about the post! It's been very engaging!"


… When she had to dive and save her phone.
… When she had to dive and save her phone.