nsw police highway patrol car. Coffs Harbour. 23 march 2017
nsw police highway patrol car. Coffs Harbour. 23 march 2017 Trevor Veale

Police abandon 'scary' pursuit as ute drives at oncoming cars

A CAR detected speeding on the Pacific Highway has led police on a series of pursuits on the highway and through the city earlier this afternoon.

With the scene described by witnesses as 'scary', the silver-coloured Holden utility was seen driving with excessive speed around 2pm through roadworks on the highway at Glenugie, south of Grafton and was chased by a highway patrol car.

Coffs Clarence police said that a short pursuit ensued, but was terminated shortly after due to the high speeds of the car.

The car was again spotted at South Grafton and was chased by what witnesses said was four police cars.

Police continued the chase around Bent St and Through Street in South Grafton and then turned across the Grafton bridge travelling north.

The car crossed the bridge weaving through traffic and was last seen on Fitzroy Street before the pursuit was again terminated due to the dangerous driving.

The utility was later found abandoned in King St in Grafton, and police have seized the vehicle for forensic examination.

The driver of the vehicle has left the scene and is being sought by police in relation to the incident.

A witness to the chase said he encountered the vehicle several times in a short space of time, firstly being chased by the patrol car near Four Mile Lane north of Grafton on the Pacific Highway, and then later having to take evasive action as the utility approached the roundabout near Through Street and Bent Street.

Another witness described the car crossing double lines on the Grafton Bridge and driving into oncoming traffic while police cars queued behind northbound traffic.

Acting Inspector Kingsley Gorman said that any members of the public with information relating to the pursuit should contact Coffs Clarence police or Crimestoppers.