SCHAPELLE Corby's mental health is worse than we are aware, according to the only journalist ever given official access and approval by the Corby family to tell their story in his soon to be re-released book Schapelle: The Final Chapter: Coming Home.

Tony Wilson, a former journalist with News Corp's The Gold Coast Bulletin, says the convicted drug smuggler has serious mental health issues and will not cope well with her return home.

"She's not as well as some people think," said the author from his Vanuatu base ahead of the re-release of his book with additional chapters later this month.

Schapelle Corby is a photograph taken by author Tony Wilson. P
Schapelle Corby. Photo by Tony Wilson. Tony Wilson

The Corby's have officially sanctioned the book.

"Her mental health issues were always very serious and from the mid 2000s she had to be controlled by drugs. I don't know exactly what regime of drugs she is on now but I do fear how she'll deal with Australia.

"She hates people staring and pointing at her. And she hates people pointing cameras at her. Her eyes were always darting constantly. … She freaks at all of that.

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