School cleaner's pot grown in chicken coop

A FORMER Central Queensland school cleaner grew nine marijuana plants in a chicken coop while she drove around high on methamphetamines and marijuana.

Amanda De-Anne Jarick, 40, was sentenced on Wednesday for her part in a major CQ drug operation busted last November by police where 35 people were charged.

Jarick pleaded guilty to seven charges of supplying dangerous drugs, three of possessing dangerous drugs, one of producing dangerous drugs, drug- driving, breaching bail and using a mobile phone in connection with drug offending.

Her offending took place over a six-month period when she breached her bail by testing positive to drugs on December 11.

Jarick received a nine-month jail term, wholly served after having spent 254 days in custody because she breached bail while she was awaiting sentence.

She is now on a two-year probation order as well as being disqualified from driving for two years.

Judge Michael Burnett referred to Jarick's childhood during sentencing, including about how her father was violent towards her and she left school in Year 9 to work in food, retail and as a cleaner at schools in Emerald and a Central Highlands hotel.

"You are a person who principally offended for your own drug needs," he said.

The court heard Jarick's offending took place while her partner was working away at the mines and that she suffered from bipolar disorder and depression.

During a bail application in November last year, Sergeant Kevin Ongheen said intercepted phone communications between Jarick and co-accused Michael Winbank involved Jarick asking Winbank for cannabis on a number of occasions including one time where she offered Winbank methamphetamines for a bud.

He said on another occasion, Jarick offered to pick up an ice order for Winbank in exchange for cannabis.

Later, Winbank had asked for cannabis off Jarick for "his mother".

Sgt Ongheen said that on July 17, Jarick told Winbank she needed to get off the phone so police did not pull her over as she had cannabis stuffed down her bra.

On another occasion, she told Winbank the same thing, only this time she had a syringe in her bra.

Sgt Ongheen said police found clip seal bags, a bong and nine plants behind the chicken coop at Jarick's home when they executed a search warrant on November 1.