Schools should be abandoned in favour of flood repairs

IT'S time the Palaszczuk government suspended the roll-out of cash to schools for non-essential projects and diverted the funds to repairing flood damage.

Grandiose indoor sports facilities and unnecessary capital works can wait.


There is a $200 million nest egg in state coffers from coal-seam gas royalties.

It was burning a hole in Anastacia's pocket.

In a shameful case of pork barrelling most of the money was earmarked for schools in Labor electorates.

Trent Green sits on the steps having beer waiting for the flood waters to subside around his flood destroyed home in Loganlea.
Trent Green sits on the steps having beer waiting for the flood waters to subside around his flood destroyed home in Loganlea. Lyndon Mechielsen - The Australian

Fifteen schools in ALP electorates scored capital works funding compared to six in LNP electorates.

Seventeen schools in ALP electorates get shiny new or upgraded school halls compared to nine in LNP seats.

Do the right thing, Premier.


THE headline had a familiar ring to it: "CFMEU threatens building chaos".

Here we go again Australia.

You will pay more for vital infrastructure like schools and hospitals because the nation's militant construction union thinks it can choose not to obey the law of the land.

Overnight the CFMEU says it will not renegotiate ­hundreds of workplace deals to comply with Australia's new building code designed to stamp out bullying and corruption.

In what was described as a "significant escalation of its bitter conflict" with the Turnbull government the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union hardened its opposition to the code and fight it "by all means available".

Perhaps the CFMEU was inspired by new ACTU Secretary Sally McManus who says she doesn't see a problem with breaking laws she does not like.

Unions seem to be able to break the law with impunity while Labor's cheer squad in the media turns a blind eye.

It's gone on too long.

You would imagine the CFMEU would be an embarrassment to Labor leader Bill Shorten. Perhaps not. He has pledged to abolish the ABCC, the new building watchdog.

The unions meanwhile continue to bleed their members dry bankrolling the ALP.

Unions including the CFMEU spent a fortune propping up Labor before the last federal election.

An investigation by The Courier-Mail discovered some unions were plunged into financial loss on the back of plump political donations.

The heavyweight Australian Workers' Union (AWU) - once controlled by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten - lost a staggering $773,830 in the last financial year, after donating $173,140 to the ALP.

The Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees' Association (SDA) recorded a $385,435 operating loss in the 2015-16 financial year after ploughing a whopping $948,726 into Labor coffers.

Labor Party disclosures to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) show the union donated a whopping $948,726. The union also handed the ALP $1.8 million in "affiliation fees''.

Seriously, who would belong to a union?