Scott Buchholz weeps in Parliament after reading the names of the Grantham and Toowoomba flood victims in 2011.
Scott Buchholz weeps in Parliament after reading the names of the Grantham and Toowoomba flood victims in 2011.

MP’s hug: Did he have to let it linger?

COLOURFUL federal Assistant Roads Minister Scott Buchholz propelled a "Cranberries-type hug" on an Australian Defence Force officer, who complained after feeling the embrace lingered too long.

The Queenslander - known for his ocker personality and affectionately calling women "darl" - decided to hug the RAAF diversity officer after finding out it was her birthday.

He did it after a female ADF member embraced the woman first.

Mr Buchholz, who has a large frame, wrapped his arms around the officer and left them there for a bit too long, highly placed sources have revealed.

Irish band The Cranberries had a hit song in 1993 called Linger.

The officer, aged about 30, felt uncomfortable, it is understood.

It is understood when he was first made aware there was a complaint, he had no idea what it could be about.


Scott Buchholz has apologised for his behaviour.
Scott Buchholz has apologised for his behaviour.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison - whose entourage for his first trip to Queensland as prime minister included Mr Buccholz - made no public statements about the incident on Thursday.

It is understood Mr Morrison does not want to sack Mr Buchholz.

Mr Buchholz went to ground yesterday, but earlier offered an apology for the incident, which happened when he was a backbencher in August last year.

"I behaved like an idiot on parliamentary exchange last year and I recognise how inappropriate my actions were,'' Mr Buccholz said.

"I apologised for my conduct and the offence I caused and I reiterate my deep respect for the ADF and its members."

However it is understood Mr Buccholz put a number of ADF members offside during the military exchange in Darwin by changing the program so he could attend the Darwin races.

The Courier-Mail believes he also made some demands of the ADF, including to take him to visit infrastructure it were building.

While some Coalition MPs vented that they "could not take a trick" ahead of a looming election, some believed Mr Buchholz was the victim of a "green on blue" attack.

Mr Buccholz sits with the Liberal Party in Canberra. The alleged leaker is a Nationals MP.

Mr Buccholz is also facing questions over whether he failed to declare a number of properties on his parliamentary interest register.

He has told The New Daily he is seeking urgent clarification over the current ownership of five properties in Queensland that he owned with former wife Lynn.

Only two properties are declared.

"I have always kept my register of interests up to date with amendments provided as required," Mr Buccholz told the publication.

"I'm currently going through a property settlement as the result of a divorce and will keep my members register of interests up to date within the required timeframe."