Scott Disick
Scott Disick

Scott Disick thinks Christine Burke is 'cute'

Scott Disick thinks his new girlfriend is "cute".

The 32-year-old reality TV star - who split from Kourtney Kardashian, the mother of his three children, last year - has been romancing 20-year-old model Christine Burke for several weeks and admitted the brunette beauty is very attractive.

Asked about Christine, he told X17Online: "She's cute, right." 

According to recent reports, Christina - who is signed to Next Models LA - joined Scott on his recent vacation in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Scott recently defended his trip to Mexico, where he was photographed surrounded by a bevy of beauties but insisted that he can do what he wants as he and Kourtney have not rekindled their romance.

He said: "I was down there hanging out like any other single 32-year-old guy would be. 

"The truth is I just to live my life and I want to have a little happiness and a little balance. The truth is rehab did help me and now I'm just trying to be responsible. I'm not out here trying to get wasted, but you know what, I will have a beer on the beach. I'm not doing drugs, I'm not doing anything insane, so I think people just need to relax ... I just want to try to live my life." 

"I'm not sure I can stay home every single night at 32 years old and be sane. In the end, I'm trying to live my life. I'm trying to live it healthy. I'm trying to be there for the people I love, which is Kourtney and kids, but you know what, we're not together."