GYMPIE region's western MP Jeff Seeney yesterday dismissed his party leader's official line on One Nation.

"Of course we'll preference them ahead of Labor and the Greens," he said.

"I don't know why everyone's avoiding the issue.

"Labor and the Greens do not understand the problems in regional Queensland.

"They have created the problems," he said.

Post election, he also said the party would have to deal with whomsoever the people elect.

"Our aim is to win government in our own right and do a job for the people of Queensland.

"But we have to deal with the people who are elected, just as the current government, Labor, has to deal with a minority party, Katter's - and they have some crazy policies as well... just as Malcolm Turnbull has to deal with some crazy senators.

"It's up to the people whom they elect to parliament and we will deal with the parties elected by the people.

"There's been a range of minor parties that have come and gone. Clive Palmer came and went and before him, other right wing parties came and went."

Mr Seeney's views seemed to contradict those of his party leader, Tim Nicholls and LNP president Gary Spence, who this week categorically ruled out any deals with One Nation.

"I don't think One Nation has any solutions," Mr Seeney told The Gympie Times during a visit to Kilkivan, in the heart of Gympie region's part of his Callide electorate.

"Pauline Hanson is very good at enunciating the problems, but in government, you have to find solutions."You have to be able to fix the problem, not just talk about it.

"We have demonstrated that we can get on and fix problems.

"Some have accused us of fixing them too quickly," he said, referring to his days as Deputy Premier in the Campbell Newman LNP government, which was ousted at the last state election.

"We certainly fixed a whole range of things in regional Queensland when we were in government and we look forward to doing that again.

"There are many things One Nation talks about that we certainly agree with.

"Other things I don't agree with.

"I think the 2% tax idea is nonsense.

"I don't think anyone thinks the state can run on 2% tax. We wouldn't have schools, we wouldn't have roads, we wouldn't have hospitals.

"Most people understand that is nonsense and there is a range of policies that are nonsense, but in enunciating the problems in regional Queensland they have some common ground with us."