An aerial view of Abbot Point’s Terminal 1 with its coal stockpile.
An aerial view of Abbot Point’s Terminal 1 with its coal stockpile. Contributed

Seeney slams WWF for Abbot Point 'hysterics'

THE Deputy Premier has slammed calls for more environmental studies into the Abbot Point port development.

At a developers' lunch yesterday, Jeff Seeney dubbed the World Wildlife Fund's calls for further investigations into the development "hysterics".

In a statement WWF spokeswoman Louise Matthiesson said the project needed to be better evaluated before it got Federal Government approval.

"We commend the Queensland Government for moving away from sea disposal, which is the worst environmental option," she said.

"But that does not mean the assessment of land disposal should be rushed through.

"No large-scale industrial project beside the Reef should ever be fast-tracked - has Queensland learned nothing from the Gladstone debacle?"

Mr Seeney said the claims were "hysterics" and said he had invited the WWF and other conservation groups to be part of the process.

"I would say to everybody out there that has a concern or an opinion about Abbot Point to come and be involved," he said.

Mr Seeney said conservation groups needed to consider the economic benefits of the port development to Mackay and Bowen.

He said the government had spent a lot of time and money addressing concerns regarding offshore dumping of dredge spill due to the concern of conservation groups.

"You really have to wonder what we have to do to please (the WWF)," he said.

"They never support anything.

"I would invite the World Wildlife Fund to come and be part of the process rather than trying to be a problem."