Barry O’Sullivan
Barry O’Sullivan

Senate nominee gets the lie of the land

GYMPIE businesses may as well be part of a giant spider's web, because that is how interconnected they are with the rest of the state, says LNP senate nominee Barry O'Sullivan.

Mr O'Sullivan visited Gympie on Wednesday to spend time with local beef, fisheries, automotive and processing business representatives.

He talked on a range of topics, from the weather to the upgrade of the Bruce Hwy.

He said it was important to gauge the economies of rural and regional areas to get a statewide view and that Gympie and its industries were only as healthy as those surrounding them.

Whether it was beef from the north flooding markets further afield or producers feeling the decline in demand from usually robust purchasers, a blow to one part of the state could leave bruises far and wide.

However, Mr O'Sullivan said, while Gympie was not free from those effects, it was still doing okay.

A key talking point had been the state of the beef industry as it faced the harsh drought.

"I think the beef industry has a very positive and bright future, but is also going through its most troubled times," Mr O'Sullivan said.

Industries, including some in Gympie, had felt the impact of overseas manufacturing competition and government red tape constraining operations.

While local business could make a positive contribution to their region by supporting other local businesses, Gympie voters should also be knocking on the door of their local MP.

A flow of support for red tape reductions and support for industry had the capacity to make change, Mr O'Sullivan said.