Serenity Miss/Mr. Diamond Autralia National Finalist 2019
Serenity Miss/Mr. Diamond Autralia National Finalist 2019

Serenity has a heart for a great cause

We are excited to represent Mackay Queensland from the upcoming beauty pageant which will be held at Brisbane on 12-13 of April, Miss/Mr. Diamond Australia 2019.

Recently moved to Mackay from Gladstone, Serenity is 11 years old and a year 6 student from Eimeo State School.

Being new to this town she would love to let the community know about her upcoming beauty pageant.

Miss/Mr. Diamond Australia is more than just a beauty pageant, We are a community hero initiative, focusing on a building programmed for men and women of all ages to be able to have a platform to fundraise and raise awareness for a cause close to their hearts.

Serenity's fund raising charity is the heart kids foundation which is very close to her heart as her older brother has had a congenital disease since birth, at her young age she knows how difficult it is not only for her brother but also for the whole family.

The struggle her brother had when his a little boy, broke her heart. Now that she has a opportunity to help others by doing fund raising.

It is a great way for her to thank the heart kids foundation for the amazing job they done for her brother and also for the entire family.

She wants to help other family ease the burden they experience having a family member with this kind of disease. We are hoping that the community will help her to raise funds for the charity to save more lives.

Serenity's dream is not only to win the pageant but to help others to have a second life like her brother.