He’s bashed and tortured women for 17 years – now this serial domestic violence abuser wants mercy, telling a court he offends because he gets “lonely”.
He’s bashed and tortured women for 17 years – now this serial domestic violence abuser wants mercy, telling a court he offends because he gets “lonely”.

Serial abuser: ‘Sorry I bash women, but I get lonely’

A serial abuser of women who has destroyed three lives through appalling domestic violence and torture has begged a court for mercy, saying he offends out of "loneliness".

Christopher Elliot Moncrieff was due to take the District Court stand on Tuesday and give sworn evidence about his changed ways and new mindset.

Instead, he wrote a letter to Judge Michael Durrant asking that his inevitable jail term not be so long and "crushing" that it robs him of all hope for the future.

"I take on relationships too quickly when I'm released on parole … I seem to rush to fill the void of loneliness from the time I've spent in prison," he wrote.

"Next time, I will not jump into a relationship until I'm ready … I probably need a doctor or therapist to tell me I'm ready.

"I will rely on their judgment and help, which I hope will be made available to me the next time I'm released on parole."

Moncrieff, 36, of Fulham Gardens, has pleaded guilty to multiple aggravated counts of assault and attempting to cause both harm and serious harm.

Over a three-day period in 2018, he repeatedly attacked his victim - who cannot be named - with weapons including a pedestal fan, a dressing gown cord and a knife.

She was the third person to have suffered at Moncrieff's hands during his 17-year criminal history.

At the time of the incident, he was still on parole for his previous crime - kidnapping and torturing a girl, 14, for between 24 and 36 hours in 2010.

Moncrieff beat her, burned her with a cigarette and hot water, cut off portions of her hair and then led police on a high-speed chase when they tried to arrest him.

In sentencing for that offending, the court dubbed Moncrieff a "cruel, brutal coward", noting he had offended in similar ways against another woman years earlier.

On Tuesday, Andrew Fowler-Walker, for Moncrieff, said his client had endured a "barbaric" incident, aged 4, in which both he and his mother were attacked with a knife.

He said that, during his latest prison stint, Moncrieff had realised that moment led to "who he has become" and "how he came to inflict this terrible harm" on women.

"His circumstances are exceptional … that's why the effort he's put in to gain insight does give hope that, with a merciful sentence, he can make the inroads he needs to make," he said.

"He's at the crossroads but there's still time left for him to rehabilitate … a crushing sentence would take that away, effectively lock him up throw away the key.

"This court should give him a second chance."

Scott Roche, prosecuting, said state law required Moncrieff be declared a serious repeat offender and receiver a harsher-than-usual prison term.

"He has run out of chances - his chances are gone," he said.

Judge Durrant remanded Moncrieff in custody for sentencing next month.




Originally published as Serial abuser: 'Sorry I bash women, but I get lonely'