Simmone Eileen Norgrove, 29, of Sarina.
Simmone Eileen Norgrove, 29, of Sarina.

Serial stalker from Sarina raises 'abandonment issues'

A SERIAL stalker from Sarina has pleaded for a speedy resolution of her case as she remains behind bars for breaching a restraining order.

Simmone Eileen Norgrove√ appeared in Mackay Magistrates Court over videolink from prison on Wednesday, unrepresented by a lawyer, after initially being refused bail.

The 29-year-old woman - who's previously been convicted of a range of stalking offences - faces a charge of breaching the order on January 4 at Sarina.

Magistrate Mark Nolan√ asked Norgrove to confirm she was "a voluntary client of the mental health service in Mackay".

Norgrove replied that she was, reiterated she was a voluntary patient and added her mental health assessment had been completed.

" ... and there's no mental illness. There's no psychosis," she said.

"They just said that I have abandonment issues that I need to work on."

The court was previously told by Norgrove's solicitor in July last year (while she was being sentenced for stalking a man who did not want to be her friend) that she had suffered an abusive childhood.

Norgrove had also submitted through her lawyer at the time that she had been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and Charcot Marie Tooth disorder (a genetic condition).

But no evidence was tendered supporting those claims at the time, when Norgrove also promised a magistrate she had finally got the message and would change her ways.

In the current case, Norgrove has been waiting to hear back from Legal Aid Queensland in regards to representation.

Norgrove pleaded with Mr Nolan to be allowed represent herself at an immediate sentencing hearing instead.

"Because I want to be sentenced today," she repeated, adding she knew what the charge meant and was "guilty of that, sir".

"I want to get out as soon as I can," she said.

Soon after, Legal Aid solicitor Erin Beer√ was called to the court and informed Mr Nolan that Norgrove's application was being processed.

Mr Nolan said he would not record the guilty plea at the time, but he did adjourn the case to February 8 for sentence.