Toby Jones, left, and Matt Dillon in a scene from the TV series Wayward Pines.
Toby Jones, left, and Matt Dillon in a scene from the TV series Wayward Pines. Photo Liane Hentscher

Wayward Pines series hits right formula

IT'S been a long time since I've reacted to a TV series the way I have to Wayward Pines.

The 10-part series is dark, tense and gripping - everything you'd expect from executive producer M Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense, Signs, The Village).

This is Shyamalan's first foray into television and he's made the transition to the small screen marvellously.

So has the show's star, Matt Dillon.

Dillon stars as Secret Service agent Ethan Burke, who finds himself, and later this wife and son, trapped in the bizarre and seemingly backward town of Wayward Pines.

He is eventually promoted to sheriff and is made privy to some of the secrets behind the isolated town's Big Brother-type overlords.

As the first season has progressed, the writers have taken the story into some interesting, creepy and unexpected directions.

Heroes could actually be villains and the truth seems to always be shifting.

Melissa Leo and Hope Davis deserve special mention for their especially creepy characters who appear to be obsessed with enforcing the rules and securing the future of the town.

Their true motivations and intentions are still unclear.

This Thursday's upcoming season finale, on Foxtel's FX channel, had me screaming out in exasperation.

While it answered so many of my questions, it threw up so many more.

I wouldn't dare spoil the ending, but there are several things I didn't see coming.

Deadline has reported American broadcaster Fox is considering the show for a second season, although it was originally designed as a stand-alone offering.

Matt Dillon only committed to the 10 episodes but the nature of the show's setting could open the door to new characters being introduced.

If the show's producers, writers and new cast members can keep up the quality of the first season, then I'll be ready and waiting for season two.