A mother has been sentenced for drink driving.
A mother has been sentenced for drink driving. ajt

Serious 'wake up call': Drunk mum crashed with baby in car

A DRUNK mother who crashed her car with her five-month-old baby on board has had a serious "wake up call", a court has heard.

Jasmine Paige Hopkins, 27, of Alstonville, was sentenced on Thursday in Ballina Local Court for high-range drink driving after she recorded 0.171 in a breath analysis conducted by police following the crash in Broadwater on June 25 this year.

The mother-of-two was driving north on the Evans Head-Broadwater Rd when she crashed into a roadworks sign before crossing to the incorrect side of the road and driving down an embankment.

Members of the public came to Hopkins' aid and assisted her and her baby from the vehicle to safety. They were both uninjured.

The court heard Hopkins "deeply regretted" her actions on the day and a personal reference presented to Magistrate Karen Stafford highlighted how Hopkins' behaviour was "out-of-character for the more reserved and loving mother".

The court heard Hopkins was seeking help for her drinking through regular counselling.

Ms Stafford acknowledged while Hopkins "was so drunk she couldn't control the car", she had shown remorse for her actions.

The magistrate also noted Hopkins' concern for the baby's safety was of the utmost importance in her sentencing decision.

"The most vulnerable person in our society is that baby in the presence of a parent," she said.

"While there was two in the car, the baby was the most vulnerable.

"It has been a wake up call for you.

"Your remorse is very significant and genuine.

"Now that you've taken these steps (for counselling), the community can (remain safe) as long as you continue these steps."

Ms Stafford sentenced Hopkins to an Intensive Corrections Order, including 80 hours of community service and further rehabilitation via counselling.

She also ordered Hopkins' driver's licence be suspended until December 24 and an interlocking device be placed on her vehicle for two years after her suspension was lifted.