Natalie Marie Jewellery, Willow Ring, $315, Three Stone Diamond Sun Ring, $1750, and Diamond Sun Ring, $2100,
Natalie Marie Jewellery, Willow Ring, $315, Three Stone Diamond Sun Ring, $1750, and Diamond Sun Ring, $2100,

Set it in stone with personalised engagement ring

An engagement or wedding ring is a piece of jewellery you'll likely wear more often than any other, so it's important you adore it or risk a super awkward conversation with your significant other.

Michael Hill bridal buyer Emily Vukovac says modern brides-to-be are opting for more original styles to lock down their love.

"Brides are gravitating towards non-traditional rings for a variety of ethical, financial and expressive reasons,” Emily says.

"Many brides are looking for an engagement ring that represents their personality, whether that be a diamond ring or a coloured ring.”

A popular style that's popped up in the modern era is a nod to the past, with intricate vintage shapes a strong choice among the soon-to-be-betrothed.

"Vintage hues have timeless elegance,” Emily says.

"Features will include unique elements such as hand engraving, milgrain or ornate embellishment.

"The romance of a vintage ring could also be sentimental.”

Teardrop or pear-cut shapes are other non-conventional ring styles seen on the fingers of fiancees.

"Pear cuts have extra impact,” Emily says.

"Celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Katherine Heigl have all been spotted with a pear-shaped ring.”

Coloured gems and bands are also proving popular, with sapphire or ruby stones and rose gold bands adding a personal touch.

"Coloured stone rings have gained popularity and are perfect for the modern-day bride,” Emily says. "It's something a bit different and unique - the coloured stone rings are perfect for this as they're different to a traditional diamond.”

Of course, Emily says there's always the elegant solitaire ring - a single rock on a simple gold or white gold band.

"A solitaire is a classic, timeless look,” she says.

If you've been talking marriage with your partner for some time, Emily says there are ways to drop sneaky (or not-so-subtle) hints to your loved one to let them know what kind of ring is your thing.

"(You can) circle designs in a catalogue and leave it lying around, send a dummy text that you were 'meant to' send to a friend, or tell your best friend to tell him in a subtle way,” she says.

"Not so subtle - tell him straight: 'we are going to the shops to browse'.”