FEEDING TIME: Backpacker Lara Kaspers with big red at Glastonbury.
FEEDING TIME: Backpacker Lara Kaspers with big red at Glastonbury. Troy Jegers

Seven Gympie joeys board bus to new life

SEVEN red kangaroo joeys have been given a second chance at life thanks to the help of Glastonbury wildlife carers Paula and David Rowlands.

Paula Rowlands and Clive Sandison (owner of Roundabout Tours) spent today delivering the red kangaroo joeys by bus to their natural habitat at St George.

WHAT'S UP: The red joey at Glastonbury. Troy Jegers

It's believed the joeys were injured when their mothers were killed on the roads.

Kathy Sandison, Clive's wife said they offered their help because they believe saving wildlife is important.

"We were asked if we could do a trip to St George to deliver a few kangaroos and we said 'Yes',” Mrs Sandison said.

"We like to help people and it was a job that had to be done so we thought 'Why not?'.

"We love all animals and we think it's important that everyone looks after them.”

The St George trip started early in the morning and was expected to finish around 7pm tonight.

"The biggest joey was 1m long,” she said.

Mr Rowlands was at his Glastonbury home today while Mrs Rowlands was in St George with the red joeys.

David Rowlands
Glastonbury wildlife carer David Rowlands with his wallaby. Troy Jegers

He said they were going to release out at Sapphire but because of the extreme drought, decided St George would be a better place for them.

"These kangaroos were long overdue to be released, but you can't release them here because they can get fungal infections and it's not the correct conditions for them,” Mr Rowlands said.

"I'd like to thank Clive Sandison who donated a great deal of his time to drive the kangaroos out there because we couldn't find a decent hire vehicle at this time of year.”

Mr Rowlands said they received the red kangaroo joeys from across the region.

"We're quite well known, we get them from all over the place,” he said.

"People go hunting and afterwards they get a guilty conscience, they find a baby and they'll bring them here.”

The red kangaroo is believed to live to 23 years of age and is fully mature by two years old.

A red kangaroo can weigh 90kg and can grow 2m tall.

Mrs and Mr Rowlands are still looking after one more injured red joey.