Brad and Tellena will participate in the TV experiment Seven Year Switch.
Brad and Tellena will participate in the TV experiment Seven Year Switch. Channel 7

Seven gets raunchy with controversial Seven Year Switch

SEVEN found a surprise hit with its fly-on-the-wall dating show First Dates.

The sweet series follows singles as they go on blind dates in a restaurant fitted out with cameras.

Airing at 9pm on Wednesdays, it was an unexpected hit with younger viewers and trends on social media each week.

But can Channel 7 replicate that success with its more controversial new series Seven Year Switch?

In what the broadcaster calls a "documentary series", four struggling couples will put their rocky relationships to the test by swapping partners.

Talk about a third wheel! At first glance this premise seems absolutely ridiculous.

In the US conservative groups have slammed it as a show that encourages infidelity.

But I also had my doubts about Nine's Married At First Sight last year and that series did have some redeeming qualities (mostly the expert advice from the match-making psychiatrists).

So the Seven Year Switch is supposed to be an "innovative" experiment, with the idea that a third person will help to clarify what the couples really want in a relationship - i.e. is the grass greener?

I can't believe couples who are serious about resolving their issues would go on a show like this.

Reading the descriptions of the couples doesn't give me much hope.

Good-looking couple Tim and Jackie have featured in recent promotions and their biggest problem seems to be his aversion to public displays of affection.

Brad and Tellena have postponed their wedding, apparently because Brad would rather spend his money on golfing and a new TV.

Considering promo footage shows Tellena getting in a hot tub with Tim, who then pulls off his shorts, it's not much of a surprise Seven Year Switch has been labelled a raunchy version of Wife Swap.

Seven Year Switch premieres on Tuesday at 9pm.