Seven says Olympic app breaking new records

SEVEN says the Rio Olympics are setting new online streaming records for the network, demonstrating the changing way people are watching their sport.

While in years gone by, families may have gathered around the television sets to watch the Games together, these days, you are more likely to find someone watching what they want on the TV, someone else watching another sport on another channel and the kids in their bedroom snacking on highlights on their tablet or phone.

Seven's Olympics on 7 app has been the hottest in Australia, topping the download list in iOS and Android.

But it has not been without complaints.

Some have lamented it has crashed or frozen - as they were trying to watch key events - like the swimming finals live.

Others have reported that it has been consistent in delivering ads - but not sporting content.

Seven has acknowledged there have been issues and have apologised to fans via social media.

It says service providers both in Australia and in Rio are working to resolve issues impacting on the app and its delivery of content.

The issues are not only impacting on Seven's coverage but many markets around the world, Seven says.

But audience figures show there are plenty of people watching the coverage, whether on TV or online.

Seven says more than 4 million streams have been delivered since the coverage started on Saturday morning.

There were 2.8 million streams on Sunday alone.

The previous Seven record was 880,000 for one day in The Australian Open.

The speed of delivery of edited highlights has been impressive.

The Opening Ceremony video highlights package of just over two minutes was up on the app within minutes of the ceremony concluding.