Yarwun Tradewaste Facility
Yarwun Tradewaste Facility

Seven-year toxic waste saga continues

A SEVEN-YEAR saga over who should operate the Yarwun Tradewaste facility will drag on.

At its most recent meeting Gladstone Regional Council resolved to investigate the challenges and opportunities of continuing to own and operate the facility.

It's a backflip from previous recommendations, given the council had been looking to remove itself from the facility since 2012.

In 2016 the facility was solely used by chemical company Orica to dispose of its toxic waste.

At that stage the council began working with Orica to reach an agreement for the company take over the facility, however no formal agreement has been made.

Since then the council has been approached by two potential proponents with interest in using the facility.

According to the council it is "prudent" to investigate the opportunities and risk to council for continued operation of the facility.

The investigations would include assessment of the condition of the infrastructure, environmental approvals and the revenue opportunities.

Councillor Peter Masters questioned if the facility would need new environmental licencing and how it would impact attracting new industries looking to the region.

The reporting officer said part of the investigation would be to find out if there is room to allow more users of the facility.

"If there isn't with the current facility that's when we would have to come back to council about looking at further investments," she said.

The investigation into the facility is due back to the council in September 2020.