A variety of 'sexting' laws have come into force in Victoria today
A variety of 'sexting' laws have come into force in Victoria today

Sexting without permission now banned in Victoria

ANTI-sexting laws have now come into force in Victoria, making it illegal to send "intimate images" of another person without their permission.

They also introduce new rules around young people who are sexting each other, ensuring they aren't caught up in laws intended for sex offenders.

The new charges will also target those who threaten to send the intimate images and the sending of photos featuring a person under 18.

Sending the images carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison, with threatening carrying one year.

The reforms were raised in August by Premier Denis Napthine following the state's inquiry into sexting behaviour.

The laws also created exceptions to child pornography rules so that people under 18 no longer risk being added to the sex offenders register for "consensual, non-exploitative" sexting.

New South Wales Attorney-General Robert Clark said it was important that the law kept up with technology.

"These laws ensure that anyone under 18 who creates, possesses or distributes an intimate image or 'sext' of themselves or of another minor who is less than two years younger than them, will not be guilty of child pornography offences," he said.