Shannon Kelly White is the one-woman-band behind popular blog, Shannon's Kitchen.
Shannon Kelly White is the one-woman-band behind popular blog, Shannon's Kitchen. Contributed

'Sensible approach to food, complete lack of decorum'


SHE has a potty mouth and makes no excuses for it.

In fact, it is her inappropriate language and comical brutal honesty that has made Shannon Kelly White such a hit with her followers.

That, and she can cook.

Shannon is the one-woman-band behind popular blog Shannon's Kitchen.

The nurse and mother-of-two said she started Shannon's Kitchen for her own amusement - but it was in reaction to the "overzealous, over-the-top 'healthy food' blogs of the time".

"I found them extreme. I wanted to talk about healthy food without being such a flog about it, and in a manner which follows the advice of nutrition experts, rather than fuelling dietary fads," Shannon said.

From her home coastal home outside of Melbourne with "Mr Shannon, our two little boys, three chooks, two dogs, and an old cat who likes to urinate in the stairway", Shannon shares recipes for "basic, healthy, tasty, everyday food" with the rest of the nation.

Shannon's chicken soup
Shannon's chicken soup Contributed

If you go to Shannon's website you'll find recipes for healthy breakfasts, meals, side dishes, snacks and sweets. But what makes her recipes different is the hilarious anecdotes and stories that go with them.

Like the story that accompanies Shannon's peanut butter, dates, flaxseed, banana, spinach, yoghurt, cacao and water smoothie.

"Once upon a time, a young nurse named Shannon was emptying an ileostomy bag.

"It was full, completely at capacity and bursting for release. She knew it was a risky maneuver, so she attempted to channel John Farnham and take the pressure down.

"She ever so slowly opened the poo bag. Things went poorly. Faecal contents shot forth directly onto Shannon's face. The patient looked on in sheer horror. His eyes met Shannon's, wide and disbelieving. Their mouths were agape and silent...

"The moment was long, and then Shannon got the giggles. She laughed hard and the patient did too. And then Shannon pardoned herself and wiped her face with alcohol swabs for the next million years.

"The faeces-facial looked identical to this smoothie, but was considerably less delicious."

Shannon with her chooks Princess Layer and Hen Solo.
Shannon with her chooks Princess Layer and Hen Solo. Contributed

When asked if her followers love her for her inappropriateness or her cooking - or both - Shannon said: "There are quite a few legends who have joined me in Shannon's Kitchen. 

"Most of them are there for my ridiculousness and complete lack of decorum, but I think everyone appreciates the sensible approach to food.

"I hope that it is a good counter to the glamorous, seductive 'clean-eating' type s**t that it all over social media and helps steer people away from obsessive dieting.

And now Shannon is turning her "ridiculous hobby" into a cookbook. 

"Unfortunately for my parents, the cookbook will be as inappropriate as the blog. It will feature 60+ new recipes for healthy, everyday food that is actually f**king achievable.

"It will be available in late 2017 from, some independent bookshops and, if I can get my s**t together, Amazon."