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Sharon Osbourne slams her 'money hungry' brother

SHARON Osbourne has hit out at her brother David Arden and claims she wants "nothing to do with him".

The 'X Factor' judge's elder sibling - who suffers from multiple sclerosis (MS), like Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack - recently reached out to her in attempt to patch things up and provide support to his nephew, but the music manager believes David is only interested in her famous family's money and refuses to bury their decades-long feud.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm fuming. We call him Fredo after the weak son in 'The Godfather' who sold the family out - that's my brother. I've not spoken to him in nine years but he pops his head up every now and then.

"It seems all he wants is our money. I want absolutely nothing to do with him. He knows nothing about my life and he doesn't know my children. David knows that everything is going to my kids but he seems to think he can get a few hundred grand out of my husband in his will - even though he's said horrible things about Ozzy behind his back. It's disgusting."

Sharon, 61, didn't speak to David for 15 years before briefly reconciling in the 2000s. However, the pair fell out again over where to bury their devoutly Jewish father, Don Arden, in 2007.

While the star, who also has daughters Aimee and Kelly with Ozzy, feels "bad" for David's MS diagnosis, she doesn't believe his intentions to reconcile with her family - supposedly for the sake of Jack - are wholesome.

She added: "There is nothing I can do for him. As far as him wanting to help Jack with his MS, I think it is an excuse. I think he looks at me and my family, all successful, and it eats away at him.

"My mobile number changes every three months but my office number has been the same for 32 years. He could have got hold of me at any time.

"It seems he wants sympathy and he wants money."