Classy Dimitrov: ‘all about Kyle right now’

SHATTERED by Australian Open quarter-final failure, Grigor Dimitrov insists there should be only one theme - the rise and rise of Kyle Edmund, not his defeat.

Determined not to make excuses despite an underwhelming serving display, the world No.3 had nothing but praise for world No.49 Edmund.

"Look, Kyle deserves all the respect. He deserved to win, simple as that," he said.

"He's been working so hard the past months. I've seen that. Played him a couple of times.


"I take full responsibility of my match today. There's no point for me to say what I did wrong because I can sit here and talk about it, but it's all about him right now. He's the winner."

Dimitrov admitted to struggling throughout the summer - apart from a spectacular performance spike against Nick Kyrgios.

"I would say all the matches out here, especially I think from day one I was not playing well. It took me a lot of work to get back to playing a decent match once again," he said.

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"Against Nick, for sure, you played the crowd, you played him, you played your own expectations.

"There's a lot of components that come into the game.

"In the same time, I was at least happy I found the way. But all that behind the scenes, what you do in order for you to feel better on the court, takes a lot out of you.

"Doesn't matter how fit I am, I think also mentally I was just a little bit tired.

A devastated but gracious Grigor Dimitrov after the loss.
A devastated but gracious Grigor Dimitrov after the loss.

"With each match, you're draining up. You try things the next day to kind of get better, get into a better shape, in a better head space.

"Yeah, today was just one of those days that I just couldn't find a way. Simple as that.

"You have days like that. In a way, I need to also see what exactly had happened. I mean, I kind of felt okay, but still there's a lot of factors out there right now.

"It's hard to hide a disappointment. I am disappointed. It's how I feel. It hurts, and so it should."


A semi-finalist here last season, Dimitrov said he would regroup.

"In order for me to be a top 3 guy or chase No 1 one day, this is what I have to go year in and year out," he said.

"I still need to push and see the way where the limits are. Once maybe you feel that you reached those limits is after to see where you can get that little per cent here and there, in different department, whether it's tennis, fitness, if it's mental or anything like that.

"I think the year is still young.

"I would say all the matches from Brisbane 'til now, I don't recall to have an easy, easy match that I played 1 hour 20.

Kyle Edmund celebrates the win.
Kyle Edmund celebrates the win.

"Everything was over two hours, over three hours. For sure that takes a bit of beating on the body, considering that my off-season was pretty short.

"The only time I actually had off was one week.

"Basically I have not stopped playing since November.

"For sure once you get to the top, everything becomes more narrow. You have a bigger target on your back.

"Everybody wants to beat you. Everybody plays better matches against you. So, yeah, it gets harder.

"I mean, that's the beauty of it. I think that's why a lot of us are competing to have that kind of sensation before or after the match."