Shock as ‘killer clown’ photobombs wedding

A WOMAN was left in "complete shock" after she received a framed photo from her wedding as a gift from her husband, only to discover that there was a creepy clown lurking in the background.

Thankfully it wasn't just someone who had taken it upon themselves to creep in the couple's photos, the whole thing was organised by the groom as part of an elaborate prank.

Vincent Alexander desperately wanted a clown at his wedding, but his partner Manda wasn't very keen on the idea, so he came up with an alternative.

He has his brother pose in a 'killer clown' costume in the back of one of their photos, unbeknown to his wife, and then gave the picture to her on their first wedding anniversary.

"After a year of keeping a secret, she finally opened her anniversary gift," Alexander wrote on his Facebook page.

"I am shocked she never found out ... Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you to death."

He posted a video of his wife's disbelief when she unwrapped the gift, which soon turned into laughter.