Noosa's Shonee Fairfax is back in top form on Australian Survivor: All Stars.
Noosa's Shonee Fairfax is back in top form on Australian Survivor: All Stars. Channel 10

Shonee’s back on top, but for how long?

SHONEE Fairfax has made a stunning comeback on Australian Survivor: All Stars.

The Noosa local survived a trip to exile island and after taking revenge on those who voted to send her there, she's now calling the shots.

The personal assistant, who is married to pro-skater Benny Fairfax, said her second outing on the reality show was much more difficult because every player was experienced.

"The game was moving so fast," she said.

"We have all lost that half a million (dollars prizemoney) before and don't want it to slip through our hands again."

The 27-year-old is a favourite of Survivor super fans, who have given her the hash tag #shontent.





"I absolutely love that people take the time out of their day to write to me," she said.

"I try to reply to as many people as possible.

"I think people really relate to me because they watch me and think 'Oh that would so be me if I was on Survivor'.

"I guess I show people that you don't always need to be the strongest or the smartest, just believe in yourself and try your best."

But having recently taken up a new full-time job in London, Fairfax said she had reservations about returning to the show.

"I wasn't sure how 'Hey can I please take a few months off?' would go down," she said.

"Thankfully they let me keep my job.

"I think part of me was also scared of coming on the show and not doing as well as last time, so my thoughts of 'Oh it probably isn't the best time' was just my ego trying to protect me."

Don't be surprised if you spot the reality TV star on Hastings St in the near future. 

"I'm back in Noosa in a few weeks and I'm so looking forward to swimming in the ocean and seeing my family … I get super, super homesick."

Australian Survivor: All Stars continues tonight at 7.30 on Ten/WIN.