Man 'shot at people in street from verandah'


UPDATE: POLICE have confirmed the gunman shot at people on the footpath from his balcony with a .22 calibre gun.

Inspector Geoff Acreman said the victims are believed to be in their 20s and were known to the gunman.

"A number of people arrived at this residence here and were met by a fella standing here on his veranda," he said.

"The reports are that he produced a firearm and started shooting at the people on the road, those people then have taken cover beside the bus shelter.

"Its reported the suspect has then jumped the neighbouring fence and continued to shoot at the people on the footpath."

Insp Acreman said they had recovered .22 calibre casings but the weapon itself has not yet been recovered.

"This is not a random attack on stranger walking down the street, these people are known to each other so the cause of it will be identified in due course," he said.

"We're always concerned anyone has a weapon in a suburban area…but unfortunately the people who have these weapons generally don't care about the law."

Insp Acreman said when police did approach the gunman, he surrendered without incident.


Police at the scene of the shooting on Goman Street, Sunnybank. Picture: Patrick Billings
Police at the scene of the shooting on Goman Street, Sunnybank. Picture: Patrick Billings

Police also confirmed the Doolandella property is the registered address of the gunman however there was also a "suggestion he may have ownership linked to this property as well".

The female victim, who police say was walking with the man and a large dog, suffered two gunshot wounds to one of her legs while the man received 'multiple' shots to his chest.

A police officer was also bitten by the dog trying to assist them however is reportedly okay.

The gunman was taken into custody around 9.30am.


POLICE have arrested a man following a disturbance at Sunnybank in Brisbane's south in which two people were shot.

A resident returned home to find the pair next to a bus stop on Goman Street.

"They were there lying there bleeding waiting for the ambulance," he said.

"You could hear them they were screaming and crying.

"It was crazy."

Police were called to Goman Street around 7.20am where a man and woman were located with gunshot wounds. Both were transported to hospital, the man in a critical condition and the woman with non-life-threatening injuries.

Inspector Geoff Acreman said the alleged shooter lived on Goman Street and his property was approached by the two victims this morning.

The man then allegedly started shooting at the couple on the road.

The woman suffered two gunshots while the male may have been shot four to six times in the chest.

The alleged gunman has then fled in a BMW along with a female. They were arrested about two hours later and are assisting police with enquiries.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the man in his 30s sustained multiple chest wounds and was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a critical condition.

The woman, also in her 30s, suffered multiple leg injuries and was taken to the same hospital in a serious but stable condition.

Nearby resident Frank Cushway said he came outside after hearing a commotion.

"It was just going off,"he said.

"I heard about three or four shots and the girl went down, I didn't see what happened to the bloke.

"The girl was screaming in pain."

Frank Cushway said he heard about three or four shots.
Frank Cushway said he heard about three or four shots.

Another resident said the shot couple were accompanied by a big dog, which bit one of the first police on the scene.

"No one was really helping them on the ground because of the big dog," the neighbour, who did not want to be identified, said.

He said another neighbour had purportedly seen the victim being chased around the bus stop by the gunman.

Seven ambulances were on the scene at one point, he said.

A crime scene has been declared at Goman Street and a secondary crime scene has been established at a Fred Pham Crescent, Doolandella home, where police located and arrested the man a short while ago.

A vehicle is also being examined by police after it was seen leaving Goman St and located at the Doolandella address.