Jim Reglin with some of the many showbags on offer at the Gympie Show.
Jim Reglin with some of the many showbags on offer at the Gympie Show. Renee Pilcher

Showbags bursting with fun

A TRIP to the Gympie Show is not complete without a must-have showbag and this year all the favourites line up, bursting with value.

Showgoers need to set aside some time to make their selections and may find themselves pacing between stalls with 140 bags to choose from.

The popular brands are all back, including Lego, Hello Kitty, Warheads, Cadbury and Hubba Bubba.

Showbag offerings this year also cater for every budget. Showbags range from $4 to $30 with Bertie Beetle being the most popular long-standing lolly bag, still priced at $4.

Owner of the Warheads Showbag Van, Jim Reglin, said the most popular toy bags were The Dora the Explorer Bag for younger girls and for the boys, Ben10.

Mr Reglin expected The Big Bag to be a top seller this year. The value-packed bag includes five bags inside with lollies and a toy in each along with the choice of another toy.

There are also bags aimed at teenagers offering showgoers bang for their buck.

The Girlz Rule Bag, priced at $30, includes $70 worth of designer gear, including a hat, handbag, scarf and make-up.

Mr Reglin is working at his 39th Gympie Show and expects a large crowd at his van.

"All shows we've done this year have been good," he said.

"Despite the economic woes, people are still coming to the show where there's something for the whole family."