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'Sick of police harassing him' so breached bail 15 times

A MAN who breached bail 15 times says he was "sick of police harassing him".

Ashley John Austen, 31, pleaded guilty yesterday in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to the breaches as well as a possession of a weapon and drug utensils charges.

Police prosecutor Julie Marsden said half of the breaches were not complying with the curfew condition of his bail and the others were for failing to report to police when required.

"When he was arrested, he told police he was sick of police harassing him," she said.

Austen had a knuckleduster in his backpack when arrested, along with a small light-bulb with black tape and methamphetamine residue.

He was on a suspended sentence at the time.

Magistrate Cameron Press said he seriously considered sentencing Austen to serve actual time in prison.

"It seems you don't like being hassled by police," he said.

"That not only represents a snub to police; it's also a snub to the court."

Mr Press ordered Austen to a six-month prison term with immediate parole, extended the operational period of the suspended sentence by three months and a $600 fine for the knuckleduster.