Fate of iconic nightclub revealed

SLEEP easy Usain Bolt - your favourite Glitter Strip nightclub haunt SinCity will be alive and pumping in Surfers Paradise if you ever return to the Gold Coast.

The sprint legend pretty much took up residency at the infamous nightspot during the Commonwealth Games in April 2018.

But SinCity's future took a blow just after the coronavirus shutdown when its landlord Bada Bing Holdings locked its operator out.

Bada Bing Holdings, as trustee for the family trust of Melbourne accountant and SinCity building owner David Brandi, has lodged court action suing SinCity operating company Rockbah for alleged six-figure rent arrears.

B.O.B performing at Sin City Nightclub.
B.O.B performing at Sin City Nightclub.

No defence has been filed but ATG understands a spirited counter-claim is likely and the fur will be flying in court over this one. According to one source, the court battle is likely to be as action packed as a night in a VIP booth at the Orchid Avenue club.

But irrespective of that dispute, Artesian Hospitality partner Matt Keegan, whose hospitality stable retains the SinCity brand, says he can confirm the nightclub brand will return - and it will be in Surfers Paradise.

"As far as SinCity goes, it will live on in one form or another - notwithstanding the stuff going on - it will continue.

"The fact we are no longer there in that spot isn't going to stop us contining with it somewhere else. Whether SinCity continues in the site it was or elsewhere, it will always stay in Surfers Paradise.

"SinCity and Surfers Paradise go hand in hand," Mr Keegan tells ATG of the venue which famously ran seven nights a week and employs lingerie waitresses and topless male entertainers.

Mr Keegan said the uncertainty created around SinCity's future by the lockout and looming court battle had been a difficult time for some of its senior and long-serving staff, including VIP hosts.

Sin City Assistant Manager Ric Gibson. Photo by Richard Gosling
Sin City Assistant Manager Ric Gibson. Photo by Richard Gosling

"It has been tough having some conversations with everyone about it and that's as far as every single other venue too."

The Bada Bing court action comes after the Bulletin revealed in April Rockbah felt it had renegotiated a rent reduction and had been paying $10,000 a week for three months without complaint.

Mr Keegan has previously claimed the landlord and its agent only raised issues with the rent reduction when the COVID-19 epidemic start.

He declined to comment on any potential defence planned against the Bada Bing suit seeking $268,000 and filed in the Southport District Court.


Originally published as Sin City: Fate of iconic Gold Coast nightclub revealed