Gympie Aquatic centre almost ready for opening.
Gympie Aquatic centre almost ready for opening. Renee Albrecht

Since when is 26 degrees 'ideal' for lap swimmers?

I WAS just bemused to read on Page 2 of (Wednesday's) Gympie Times that 26 degrees (and I would doubt the pool was even that warm!) is ideal for lap swimmers.

When does one qualify as a lap swimmer?

I would regard myself as a "lap swimmer” albeit a rather slow one as I do actually swim my 500m non-stop. I believe that if a little research was done it would be found that even seasoned training swimmers thought the water rather cool considering it is supposed to be a "heated pool”.

I certainly found it uncomfortably cold (on Wednesday) morning when it was supposed to be hovering (?) at around 27 degrees.

Far too cold for the littlies learning to swim and the "oldies” doing exercises and I noticed some scowls as some of the regular swimmers entered the water too.

Beverley D.J. Lyons (Joy),